The Prayer God Always Answers


Much as I love Joshua 1:3, time was I was overawed by the promise it contains. It’s pretty much a blank check — especially when taken out of context. I may talk about taking verses out of context some other time, but for now let me just say that even when I was saying this verse in prayer, I knew I didn’t have the kind of faith it takes. And then some years ago the Holy Spirit said something that was both liberating and motivating. Continue reading

In a City Called Bombay

Unlike my previous videos, which open with the statement “Hi everyone, this is Sharon Arpana,” my latest begins, One night 28 years ago.”

28 Years tells the story of one of the momentous experiences of my life, which took place in a city then known as Bombay. In this video I also share seven benefits of being baptized in the Holy Spirit and one really anointed song.

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