• A Hair-Raising Story
    I don’t know how safe New Delhi’s bus stops are for women these days, but once upon a time they were about as safe as shark-infested waters are for scuba divers. This is because New Delhi’s bus stops were haunted by a breed of predatory fiend known as
  • Seven Years Later
    Today marks the seventh anniversary of the day one of my oldest, most cherished dreams came true: the dream of […]
  • Tapping Into Faith
    It’s interesting how Facebook has been reminding me of my memories in such a well-timed manner of late. Either my […]
  • Finishing Well
    Trust my errant muse to ensure that my first post of the decade is about finishing and not beginning. But […]
  • When Christians Walk Away – Part 3
    When Christians walk away, they are walking away from Jesus Christ, not just from Christianity or a local church. After […]
  • When Christians Walk Away – Part 2
    The walking away of Joshua Harris and Marty Sampson has raised a question that inevitably surfaces when such things happen: Can […]
  • When Christians Walk Away – Part 1
    As an intercessor I am privy to all sorts of secrets, and I thought I had lost my capacity to […]
  • Protected:
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  • Nothing to Wear
    Ladies, how often have you looked at a closetful of clothes and said, “I have nothing to wear”? I have […]
  • The Prayer God Always Answers
    Much as I love Joshua 1:3, time was I was overawed by the promise it contains. It’s pretty much a […]
  • Immeasurably More
    This morning I was driving to one of my favorite stores when the Lord prompted me to look at my […]
  • A Time to Remember
    Memorial Day is the first American holiday I celebrated as a US citizen, and fourteen years later it remains my […]
  • In a City Called Bombay
    Unlike my previous videos, which open with the statement “Hi everyone, this is Sharon Arpana,” my latest begins, “One night 28 […]
  • “Hi everyone, this is Sharon Arpana.”
    That’s how I start the videos I release on YouTube. The links can also be found on the Videos page.