Two Principles of Biblical Voting

In my previous post I had said that how we vote matters both here and in eternity. In heaven, it can affect our rewards for “the things done in the body” (2 Corinthians 5:10). And on earth, our voting choices directly impact our daily lives, because the officials we elect can make life easy or difficult for us by the laws they pass.

If elected officials are faith-friendly, they will pass laws that allow us to practice our faith in peace. If not, we will Continue reading

Will You Go to Hell for How You Vote?

While scrolling through the comments under an election-themed video, I came across this question: “Will you go to hell if you don’t vote for Trump?

The video had not offered any advice on how to vote. On the contrary, the speaker was evasive about his position and the video had numerous rabbit trails. Even watching it at 1.75x speed felt like a waste of time. But the comment Continue reading

A Hair-Raising Story

I don’t know how safe New Delhi’s bus stops are for women these days, but once upon a time they were about as safe as shark-infested waters are for scuba divers. This is because New Delhi’s bus stops were haunted by a breed of predatory fiend known as the chain snatcher. If you heard that a woman had had her gold chain snatched, you could safely assume that the crime had been committed at a bus stop. Continue reading