A New Book Is Heading Your Way!

Friends, I am happy to say
A new book is heading your way!
I’ve set it in verse
If you’re not averse
To limericks, you won’t turn away.
My theme is the problem of pain,
Which is rife in this earthly domain.
On the soul’s darkest night
I decided to write.
May my labor have not been in vain!
The book’s not an autobiography
But I think that it was truly necessary
For me to know
Something of woe
So I would not write superficially.
My protagonist’s a hero of old
Whose story is most often told
When talking of pain,
For we all can gain
Wisdom if his life we behold.
The limericks begin in the prologue,
Ending of course in the epilogue.
There’s a prose introduction
And a back matter section
So readers continue the dialogue.
I hope you will read this new text,
Not wait till I publish the next.
I did have great fun
While writing this one
Though my muscles did get over-flexed.

Let me finish this terse verse announcement
With just one conclusory statement:
Please do remember
Twenty-second November,
The date of the book launch event.

Now available on Amazon at an introductory price!


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