I am grateful for these testimonials about my ministry in the areas of prayer, dream interpretation, and editing.

“I met Sharon at a conference in 2019, and she gave me a prophetic word about how God was pulling down an old building and putting up a new one in its place. The word was very specific about it being an “ultra-modern” building, detailed with glass windows and computerized access. At the time I took it to be metaphorical, but a few months later the Lord blessed me with an actual office space with the same exact description! Sharon also said God was giving blueprints for business. It really blew my mind when the Lord later provided a mentor and business partner to help make blueprints for our business. It miraculously all came together with such prophetic accuracy!”
—Nick D., Los Angeles, Calif.

“Sharon and I were classmates at St. Mary’s School, Pune. Even then I could tell that she loved God and His Word. I recently asked her for prayer for my younger daughter, Gail, who has been struggling in her studies and with self-confidence. After seeking the Lord, Sharon gave me some helpful Bible-based counsel. As I have been implementing these suggestions, I have noticed a marked improvement in Gail. She is doing better at school, and her confidence level has increased. Sharon also took the time to answer my questions on matters like devotions and tithing. Her prayers and guidance have made a difference not only to Gail but to the entire family. God bless Sharon for all that she is doing not only for me but for people all over.”
—Miriam Miller Soans, Mumbai, India

“Sometime in October 2018, I felt God’s presence as I woke up in the middle of the night from a dream, but I needed help with the unveiling of the symbolisms and metaphors. Sharon’s interpretation brought such peace into my soul. It left me deeply moved, encouraged, and fueled my hunger even more for God.”
—Scott K., Los Angeles, Calif.

“Wow, what a gift Sharon is to the body of Christ! I recently reached out for help interpreting a dream and she heard a word from the Lord that completely changed the direction of what I felt like God was saying. She helped turn it from confusion into encouragement and revelation from the Father. I’m so thankful for her ministry.”
—Colin W., Cincinnati, Ohio

“In 2004 I approached Sharon Edwards to edit my first book, Searching for the Indigenous Church, which was subsequently published by William Carey Library in 2005. It was a very positive experience working closely with her and the final manuscript was certainly better as the result of it. Sharon has an eye for good prose and the ability to push an author to write to that end, yet all the while remaining respectful of their opinions. I consider her a fine editor and would be pleased to work with her again.”
—Gene Daniels, author of Searching for the Indigenous Church