In a City Called Bombay

Unlike my previous videos, which open with the statement “Hi everyone, this is Sharon Arpana,” my latest begins, One night 28 years ago.”

7 Benefits of Being Baptized in the Holy Spirit tells the story of one of the momentous experiences of my life, which took place in a city then known as Bombay.

Links to my messages can be found on the Videos page or on my YouTube channel.

2 thoughts on “In a City Called Bombay

  1. Hi Sharon how are you? Are you still in USA? My uncle David will hopefully get a liver transplant. He’s hanging in there and his Faith in God has returned since you and I prayed together . Your prayer was powerful and I think of that day and all you said to me. Would love to see & speak to you again.
    God Bless you and Thank you a million folds.
    Patricia ( Patti)


    1. Hi Patti. Thanks for your comment and I apologize for taking so long to respond. For some reason the notification icon is not working. (It should turn orange when there’s a comment.) But praise God for the good report on your uncle! That was an amazing time of intercession, and the Lord has heard our prayers. He is so faithful! Keep praying that your uncle will grow in his faith and in intimacy with the Lord Jesus. The devil won’t want to let him go, but as you uphold him in your prayers, he will stand strong. Encourage him to read the Word and pray daily. Blessings and much love in Jesus!


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