Editorial Services

In addition to being a published author, I have over 20 years of editorial experience. As of November 2022 I am only accepting completed drafts of faith-based novels and screenplays. I do not accept unfinished manuscripts or works that have graphic sexual content.

Please submit a proposal including a 100-word summary of your book and a brief bio when contacting me about your work. If I like the idea I will request the manuscript. These are my areas of expertise:

1. Developmental Editing: “Big picture” items such as plot, characters, setting, themes, conflict (and resolution), narrative technique, and dialogue. This applies to works of fiction and narrative nonfiction, including travel writing, biography, and memoir. After reading the manuscript I will provide a detailed critique on elements that need to be worked on and suggest changes to make your book a better one.

2. Copy Editing: Line-by-line checking for spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, usage, consistency, and any content errors that may exist. At this level I also suggest things like paragraph breaks and sentence (or word) order changes that will make the writing flow more smoothly.

3. Proofreading: Checking for consistency, typos, format, and layout.

4. Copywriting: If your book is ready for publication, I can write the back cover summary, author bio, and a press release.

5. Ghostwriting: Not available.

Fees are charged per hour, per word, or per project. I’m sure we can reach a mutually agreeable fee if your manuscript and I are a good fit.

sharon at sharonarpana dot com